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What are some of the best use cases of the Saito blockchain?

Saito specializes in being a large, scalable, decentralized layer-one blockchain. Most chains become more centralized as they get bigger due to The Scaleability Trilemma, but Saito solves it:

Saito shows that a blockchain can get its security from the division of funds across the routing network. This means scaleability can actually increase the cost of attack and decentralization.

Because Saito can scale, it can handle large volumes of data, enabling entirely new kinds of applications that can live on-chain for significantly cheaper than most other blockchains.

This enables typical web3 use-cases, and what Saito doesn't currently offer through a layer-one can be handled through deep integration with other blockchains through its integration with Polkadot.

Saito is a new layer-one blockchain with a breakthrough new consensus model.

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