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How do I store Saito?

Saito can be safely stored like any other token. Saito tokens exist on multiple chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, BSV, Saito Native, etc...)—the important thing is to always use the network that your token is on, don't try to convert between them unless there's an explicit bridge. Always use best practices for that network (backup the keys to your wallet). Always send to an address you control (double check).

Most available Saito is wrapped on the Ethereum network in the form of an ERC-20 token. For example, if you purchased from Uniswap, you purchased Saito as a token on the Ethereum network, and get all the benefits of a normal ERC-20 token. If you purchase on an exchange like Gate, they will tell you what kind of network you're on.

Some Saito is being wrapped on other chains like Binance Smart Chain in the form of BEP-20 tokens, and new chains are wrapping Saito all the time. Each of those will have a different but similar process.

When Saito enables token persistence, you can start converting tokens to the native Saito token through bridges that will be provided. What will be important then, is to backup your Saito wallet to ensure you'll continue to have access to your native Saito tokens—they'll no longer exist in the original form—they'll only exist on Saito from that point forward.

Use general crypto best practices (hardware wallets and cold storage) and be sure to ask questions if you need help!

Saito is a new layer-one blockchain with a breakthrough new consensus model.

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